July 1, 2011 4:14 pm
Playing House

Playing House

In order to afford their dream house, newlyweds Jen and Mitch McKenzie (Sarah Prikryl and Craig Welzbacher) ask their best friend Danny (Matt Lusk) to move in with them. The plan works beautifully until Danny brings home Blair (Mayra Leal), a stunning temptress who decides she likes what the young couple has and never wants to leave. The seductive stranger turns the friends against each other and exploits unspoken desires to achieve her own unique version of the American Dream.

If this were made in the 90s, I’m sure Shannon Tweed and Andrew Stevens would’ve been headlining that cast. We’ll see if this new era of DTV stars and starlets have what it takes to get teenagers the world over hot underneath the collar.

Additionally, they are launching a contest to win a date with the star of the film, Mayra Leal Click here to take part in the contest

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