April 29, 2012 9:01 am

La Cosa In Cima Alle Scale

La Cosa In Cima Alle Scale

La Cosa In Cima Alle Scale

Director: Michele Torbidoni
Writer: Michele Torbidoni
Stars: Gianluca D’Ercole, Luigi Moretti and Gaia Benassi

Some memories should be forgotten.

Pietro, a young software developer, loses his flight and choose to spend some time in the small town where he’s born. He can’t know he will never come back.

He’ll find a place where memories begin to materialize to unveil a terrible secret.

Something that Pietro removed from his mind. Something that he forgot. And for a very good reason.

Site: http://www.thethingatthetopofthestairs.com/

Albert’s Review “My first Italian Horror Movie and I’m impressed, Great Story and Great Production. I’m just disappointed it’s a short movie hope to see more work from you guys”
Rating: (8.5)