August 11, 2013 6:07 pm
The Judas Curse, judas

The Judas Curse

The relatively undiscovered Greek island of Symi has been chosen as the setting for a new horror evoking the classic style of such 1970s films as The Exorcist and Omen. The producers of The Judas Curse say the island’s spooky shell of a village, fallen into decay since the Second World War, will provide the perfect location for the film to be shot there in October.

To celebrate the launch of the project, UK-based 1066 Productions is announcing a special prize contest for dedicated horror film fans who know their classic quotes – but it’s no walkover and most will find it challenging.

The Judas Curse is being directed by award-winning Navin Dev,  whose Gothic, psychological style has led him to carve out a niche in horror with such films as Red Hood (2008), and The Tree Man (2009). His most recent film, Red Kingdom Rising (2013),  has just secured a US distribution.


the judas curse

Judas Square Horio

“Honouring the classic horror genre, The Judas Curse is supernatural horror film that captures one man’s tortured journey in the riddance of a destined curse born from Judas Iscariot,” says Navin Dev. “What originally drew me to it was the dynamic between a father and son, the father trying to uplift his guilt (the curse), gradually leading to the son having to do something similar.”

Among those taking key roles are one of Germany’s best-known and much loved television actresses, Wookie Mayer, who has been in many of the country’s top drama and soap series since 1978, and Lorna Doyle,  best remembered for being caught in bed with Sam Neill’s character (Cardinal Wolsey) by new Superman actor Henry Cavill, in the acclaimed BBC drama series The Tudors, where she played Joan Larke, the cardinal’s mistress.

The film is being financed by a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter which will run throughout all of August. Among the rewards on offer is an executive producer credit which includes the donor and one other being flown out to the island location, spending five nights in a luxury hotel complete with champagne breakfasts, spending four days with the cast and crew during the shoot, being given a personal guided tour of the locations by scriptwriter James Collins, and special access to the London premiere in 2014.

Embedded in the Kickstarter campaign page are a set of ten very well-known quotes from classic horror films. But they have been encrypted in new words. For example, “Here is a contraceptive device!” would be our twisted version of “Here’s Johnny!” from Kubrick’s masterpiece. The answer is therefore The Shining. (That’s not one of the ten cryptic quotes.) The winner gets to name a character in the film and will be able to choose to whom the glossy behind-the-scenes book about the film will be dedicated in the foreword. The cryptic quotes are on the Kickstarter campaign page but the explanation of how you enter (no pledges required to enter) are on