January 25, 2014 6:52 pm

Papa Legba is recently gaining notoriety from American Horror Story – Coven! 

Papa is akin to Exu, Eshu, Legbara and countless other spirits. Clever Anansi, New Orleans La-Bas. Coyote, Loki, he is a trickster of a thousands forms. He is everywhere at once, so they know him in New Orleans, Africa, Haiti, South America, everywhere. But even though he has countless faces and names, Legba remains the same spirit of the crossroads.

Papa Legba can take many forms, including that of an old man, a black man with a cane, he may also appear as a dog.

Some see him as their guardian, their protector, but beware, some others that have seen him, also saw terror and say that it’s not worth dealing with him like this experience from Nemma, at this video: