June 18, 2015 1:09 pm

CNN reporters attacked and harassed live by ghosts on air


The words “COME HERE… ” were caught on tape as a ghostly voice whispers to a CNN Cameraman. A history of grisly deaths, ghosts and demons. Is this one of the most haunted houses in the US?

A routine video interview took a sinister turn for this group of CNN reporters last summer, as each crew member is attacked and physically harassed by an unseen presence. This house in Pennsylvania is reported to have a whole host of ghosts and ghouls haunting it.

These apparitions have apparently haunted the family for years, they have even been known to attack the family pets. Ghostly voices, shrieks and screams often cut through the nights silence. The report suggests that the spirits are very antagonistic and do not respond well to any human presence within what is probably regarded as ‘their house’.

Things get much darker as you delve deeper into the house. The Basement of this home holds within it an even more insidious being. A Demon is rumoured to haunt this area, recorded in a photo and dubbed ‘Shadow man’ this Demon looks to be a whopping seven feet tall.

What are we seeing here?

What is apparently showcased within this house is what’s known as an ‘Intelligent Haunting’ consisting of both human and nonhuman entities.

An intelligent haunting is a recorded haunting in which it would seem that the entity is aware of the physical world. This situation allows the entity to interact with us here in the present. It allows for physical interaction with anything from inanimate objects, doors to even people.

The difference between a human and nonhuman haunting is pretty much as it sounds, a human haunting seems to be the spirit or presence of an entity that was, at one point, human.

A non human entity is something considerably different. A nonhuman specter can be considered to be an Angel or Demon for example. These beings have infinitely more power and influence on the physical world than any other entity. These forms of beings have been documented in countries and continents around the world since time began.