June 19, 2015 1:27 pm

“Abul Qasim is a 400-year-old djinn or spirit, living in a trivial area in Karachi. He is under the commandment or authority of an Aamil, a benevolent man who belongs to the working class and doesn’t have any desires to get rich or famous,” reads the opening paragraph of a news story published in an Urdu daily “Ummat” in Karachi on May 27, 2015.


Since science believes in cause and effect and shuns the idea that spirits or djinns exist, a team of reporters of daily Ummat manages to meet a spirit named Abul Qasim with the help of a Pir who allegedly holds the power to command the spirit. The team not only meets the djinn but also interviewed him.

Prior to the interview, the report says, the team attempted to reach many Pirs and Fakeers to assist them in fixing an interview with a spirit, but nobody was ready to do it for them. Finally, they get to meet a Pir or saint who was not inclined towards revealing his spirit at first. However, after painstaking efforts the reporting team convinced him on bringing his spirit for an interview, the story maintains.

“The next provocation in line was that we needed a man who would be willing to let a spirit in his body. Everyone was afraid; thinking that what if the spirit doesn’t leave their body later? Finally a young man named Asif agreed to the task,” reads the report.

One day the Aamil invites the team to his house and particularly instructed them to appear clean and stay in Wudoo or ablution. “There was a pen drop silence in the room. The Aamil hummed few spells, which the reporters could not get an idea of, and then invited the spirit, Abul Qasim, into Asif’s body,” states the news report.

The djinn, finally, appeared and was ready for the interview after exchanging greetings with the reporting team.

Abul Qasim tells daily Ummat’s team that he belongs to the “Hashim” tribe of the spirits and that his grandparents migrated to Iran’s Isphahan long ago and then moved to Afghanistan. He, himself was born in Ghazni province of Afghanistan. But his interest in travelling and tourism forced him to relocate to Peshawar and then Karachi.

About the physical appearance of the spirits, Abul Qasim told the reporting team that they’re composed of fire. Their bodies are like the souls of human beings and have the power to transform themselves into any living or non-living thing they want, be it a human being, an animal or a piece of furniture.

“There are 70,000 tribes of spirits and every tribe contains 70,000 djinns. Some are the satanic or evil while others are the good or virtuous ones. Some of them like to live in houses, others stay in mosques. The pious among them prefer mosques and madrassahs for an abode. Evil spirits like blood and gather around if they see blood somewhere. Some are more attracted to nature and transform themselves into a tree and stay in forests. They can adopt with their environment easily,” the report stated.

The report says spirits have a maximum age of 1500 years and Abul Qasim is 400-year-old—in the prime of his youth—whose mother is worried about his marriage.

Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy, a renowned physicist, says, “Scientifically it is impossible.” He adds that everything in this universe has a cause and an effect and that science purely believes in the existence of only those things which can be gauged with equipment or their physical presence be felt with any of the five senses. The existence of spirits has no scientific proof, Hoodbhoy said.