June 25, 2015 12:11 am


halloween costume

Zombie Mask from horror-shop.com

Think about it

Think before you go mad, think about what you can afford, what you can pull off, and what you would feel comfortable wearing.

Some things that are completely cliche, when given a little more thought than usual, could really work for you.

Anime is a good example. For instance, say you are addicted to Sailor Moon rather than being your favourite sensei, be a lesser thought of character such as Queen Beryl-A long blackish-purple dress, red wig and the various accessories would work.

Why not do something completely crazy and wear a costume from another occasion.

Santa going trick-or-treating would surely score you some points in the originality department!

Be an inanimate object, such as the moon or a wardrobe.

Hide a Halloween puppet behind your back and make it jump out (it’s the monster every little child thinks is in their wardrobe.)

If you are a music fan, be a certain singer, or go with a friend and choose a singer such as Britney Spears or Avril Lavigne.

One of you could be the ‘old’ Britney(Lucky, Oops) and the other the ‘New’ Miss Spears (Piece of Me, Circus)

If all else fails, or none of these ideas work for you, just take the cliches and add a twist, like a nerdy witch or a lady zombie.

Maybe you have an old vampire or scream mask you could put lipstick or glitter on?