August 8, 2015 12:01 am

Principal photography for the independent superhero movie “ABCs of Superheroes” which has guest stars such as Bai Ling, Fred Olen Ray and Uwe Boll is finished. The film’s world premiere will be at the renowned German Fantasy Filmfest this August. To secure post production the filmmakers launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter.

ABCs of Superheroes

The anthology movie from directors Oliver Tietgen and Jens Holzheuer and producer René Wiesner presents us with a superhero, a group of superheroes, or a supervillain for each letter of the alphabet. The filmmakers describe their work as funny, sexy, full of blood and very weird. It features guest appearances from Bai Ling, Uwe Boll, Fred Olen Ray, German director Jörg Buttgereit and legendary independent film icon Lloyd Kaufman. After one year of extensive shooting, the film is almost finished. “ABCs of Superheroes” was picked by the renowned German Fantasy Filmfest and will be shown in seven German cities this August.

“Most important for us now is to complete the movie as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of the missing effects work,” says producer René Wiesner. That is the main reason for launching the crowdfunding campaign. The film was financed completely independently from private resources of the filmmakers with technical equipment sponsored by Panasonic. The crowdfunding campaign will now hopefully raise the needed funds in this last phase of production. Crwodfunding is a way for creative projects to get direct support from many different people – the crowd. In return for their contribution the backers get rewards like DVDs, t-shirts or posters. “With crowdfunding the audience can be a part of the movie which is a fantastic way to get in contact with the fans,” says director Oliver Tietgen. “Our advantage is that the film is wrapped. There is no risk for the backers that this project will not be completed”, adds director Jens Holzheuer.

ABCs of Superheroes – Jesus Space Missionary Trailer