September 25, 2015 9:58 am

A Vietnamese man, Huynh Van Dat, is suffering from a mystery disease that has eaten the front of his face completely away. Doctors are yet to work out what is horrifically doing the damage.

Top medics have agreed to take on the case of the man living in Saigon, who has not only lost the roof of his mouth and nose but also his eyes.

The condition first manifested on his face in 2004. He began getting nose bleeds three or four times a day and doctors initially said he had a nose bridge failure. He has been in for surgery twice over the years but it has done nothing to cure the disease.

Flesh Eating Virus Rots A Man’s Face

Huynh Van Dat’s wife says “he was taking traditional medicines but they didn’t make any difference, and then he also started to have problems with his eyes which were constantly watering.”

His wife has also said that although he can longer eat or speak properly, or see, his mind is still perfectly strong and he is fully aware of what’s going on.

Ok, here’s a video. I’ll warn you one more time. This is GRAPHIC.