October 2, 2015 10:34 am

Telling spooky stories around the campfire is one thing. Another thing altogether is to dare to stay in a room renowned for creepiness, psychic phenomenon, and terror. Here is an opportunity to stay at the THE CREEPIEST BED IN AMERICA (one night lodging rental):

haunted hotel

This hotel is actually a private residence, and it is opened its doors to the public during an auction event on eBay. (scroll down for eBay link). Interestingly, someone actually bought this hotel on eBay back in the early 2000s. Here’s what the listing says:

“You are bidding on a single one night stay in what has been dubbed ‘The Creepiest Bed in America’. This is Room #3, the Canopy Room, of the exclusive Grand Midway Hotel, in the historic coal mining town of Windber, Pennsylvania. The Grand Midway Hotel is a private home and is not open to the public. It has not been open for business since the early 1970s. Though we have gotten national attention for paranormal activity,we have kept ghost investigations to a minimum. This is an exclusive first time offer to allow someone from the public to bid on a room and enjoy an entire night stay. (Video is not permitted, but you may take all the photographs you please.)”

An entire night, with full run of the entire 32-room hotel. It sounds like something straight out of the plot of The Shining, doesn’t it? Here are some further details on the creep-out factor: “This room, Room #3, has been the subject of a few additional investigations and featured in an award-winning documentary… Most male guests do not like this room. Most female guests actually request to sleep in this room. One psychic stepped from the room, visibly shaken,and when asked how many spirits he saw, coughed, “Too many to count!” One guest thought she saw a foggy floating head in the room and snapped an immediate picture (see photo).

haunted hotel

We have found hair in the walls of this room (see photo) as well as bones within the hotel walls (see photo) and ghost faces were claimed to have been witnessed in the Canopy Room’s mirror during investigations (see photo).

haunted hotel

Between the various furniture, which came from several spooky sources, the collected displayed items, which came from several other spooky sources, and the spooky history and energy of the room itself, Room #3 seems to have something swirling and a bit unusual going on in there. Several people who have stayed in this room have had very creepy dreams-some involving the lifesize nun statue that stands in the room that was rescued from a nearby church being torn down. Others claimed their bed was shaking in the middle of the night -shaking to the degree they thought we were spoofing them and somehow shaking it. There is now a new permanent resident in the Canopy Room as well, the lifesize antique “Lilly doll“. She is very creepy (see photo).

haunted hotel

She was donated to the Grand Midway becauseher old owners were getting so creeped out by her. She will be sitting ina chair beside your bed watching over you as you sleep all night. The most recent guest to stay in this room, just last week, dubbed her adventure resting spot, “The Creepiest Bed in America”, describing the room as a “portal.” It is not just the bed actually that sometimes is creepy, but your entire room #3 experience, set in an entire 32 room haunted hotel.” The doll is indeed creepy �� I think if I won this auction, I would have to turn her to face the wall, like the kids in The Blair Witch Project. As to the hair, the bones, etc., you have to wonder: was it really creepiness, or simply a really bad construction firm, that left bits and bobs behind? Well, you’ll never really know for sure… unless you stay there and can find out for yourself.

If you’d like more background on the hotel, take a look at this episode of SCARED! on The Grand Midway Hotel:

Here is this haunted hotel ebay listing. Bidding is now closed