October 15, 2015 1:56 pm

Debby Constantino Funeral will be held on 17th October 2015 which also happens to be her birthday. Below you may find an update about the funerals posted by her daughter Alyssa Constantino:


IF YOU WERE NOT INVITED to Debby Constantino & Mark Constantino’s funerals then DO NOT ATTEND. You will know if you are welcomed.

All of my parents friends and fans are under the impression that my mum’s funeral is an open invitation, but it’s not. which is why we didn’t put anything in the paper aboutt it in the first place. This is going to be a very small service for close friends and family. Unfortunately some people feel like they were more closely connected to my mom or my dad than the rest of us, so my attempts to politely ask that this information be corrected for their followers has been disrespectfully read and ignored. I’ve exhausted every other option, it’s super discouraging. and the stress that this is putting on my poor gramma is ridiculous. I can’t believe anyone would refuse or ignore a family in this situation anyway, but of course it happened. If any of my Reno friends would please share this or anyone at all so there isn’t a huge mess on a day that should be peaceful for my gramma, we’d appreciate it. I’m not sure how much it will help but it’s the last thing I can think of and it couldn’t hurt.

Thanks again friends, ugh and I’m disgusted I have to even ask for help with this but I’m desperate. we have enough going on, this is just a completely unnecessary complication and my gramma shouldn’t have to deal with it.

debby constantino funeral