January 9, 2016 9:52 am

Here’s something that will potentially make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. 

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Brother Hermes Cifuentes is an exorcist living in La Cumbra, a town rife with superstition in Colombia. He’s been a busy man of the years, claiming he’s carried out a mind-boggling 35,000 exorcisms during his 25 years as a minister. That surely has to earn you some brownie points with the powers above, having vanquished THAT many evil spirits and sent them back down into pits of hell.

The images your about to see are “real-life exorcisms” taking place, as Brother Hermes attempts to relieve the suffering of the possessed individual by using a variety of rituals, devices and trinkets to help his mission.

There are countless skeptics that claim there is no such thing as “demonic possession” and that is merely a case of mental illness, the resulting of side effects of  prescribed medication or even severe allergies.

You might have heard of the infamous Salem witch trials whereby literally hundreds of women were hung and disposed of (in some pretty horrendous ways) for being witches and carrying out the devils work on the local villagers. But science and history have shown that a fungus calledClaviceps purpurea was evident in the rye during that era and specifically within the Salem community.

Rye was part of the stable diet at the time, and if you ate a portion that was infected with this fungus, you would have essentially suffered from nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, “pins and needles,” and burning/itching sensations on the skin, spasms, convulsions, unconsciousness, hallucinations, psychosis, peripheral sensation, swelling, blisters, dry gangrene, and sometimes death.

Which lets face it, sound like all the ideal ingredients  / traits needed for a convincing act of demonic possession.

So do you believe Brother Hermes is genuinely keeping the demons at bay? Do you think he’s a charlatan? Is it merely an elaborate hoax? Or is there another explanation entirely to the Colombian exorcism phenomenon?

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