January 22, 2016 11:20 am

The story of the Black Eyed Children

Some say Black eyed kids or B.E.K are just a myth but for those who have encountered them they are completely real and absolutely terrifying. It starts late at night your house is quiet when all of a sudden you hear a knock at your door. You look at the time and it’s rather late so you will hesitate to go to the door. You get a strange feeling and glance through the window or the peep hole of your door. You’ll see 2 children they usually come in pairs occasionally they will be by themselves. Another knock this time harder.

You’ll open your door slightly or hide and hope they will go away. You won’t notice right away that their eyes are completely black. If you open the door they will say that they need to use your phone or if they can stay the night because they are tired and where they need to be is still far away. You’ll get and eerie feeling questioning whether or not you should let them in. They will speak again this time saying that they have to come in. This is when you will notice their eyes you’ll close the door quickly and lock it. They’ll begin banging on the door demanding that they come in. Eventually the banging will stop but do not open the door it is best that you make sure every door and window are locked.

However if you do not open the door they will knock again and they will say that they know that you are home and possibly even use your name. That will only scare you even more. You will be frozen in fear and they will begin banging on the door demanding that you let them in. You should ignore it don’t open the door go back to what you were doing.

No one knows what will happen if you let them in because their isn’t a story about anyone letting them in and living. If a B.E.K. comes to your door or even approaches your car just keep the door closed or drive away. What ever you do don’t let them in it could possibly be the last thing you do.

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