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possessed doll

Real talk: The thought of a possessed doll is f*cken scary. There have been many myths, urban legends, and factual events passed down on this very subject. We have seen countless horror movies also involving killer dolls; Child’s Play, Puppet Master, Annabelle (bleh), Dolls, Dolly Dearest and so forth. It seems society and Hollywood loves to play on people’s pediophobia (the fear of dolls). While we may never know why or how these presumable silly fears are generated, there are many theories connected to the possibility of how pediophobia is caused. Some of these reasons include external events, heredity, as well as psychological tendencies and brain chemistry. The most common reason given however would be that a traumatic experience in the past that associates dolls to fear and anxiety in a person.


Now, meet Ledda. Presumably an evil marionette according to renowned psychic June Cleeland, who says that some museum experts have placed the doll’s age at around 250 years. The doll is currently owned by Kerry Walton, who lives in Queensland, Australia. Walton found the doll nearly 35 years ago under the floorboards in a haunted house in Wagga Wagga in southern NSW. He took possession of the strange looking puppet and named it Ledda later because he would often hear voices from the doll screaming “Ledda me out!”

The doll also seems to have  a strange effect on people and animals. Kerry and Ledda once made an appearance on national television and without warning on camera, the sly little doll turned it’s head toward the cameraman; which scared him out of the studio that day. “People have been known to scream uncontrollably when the doll is even in another room. Just about anyone that sees the doll leaves convinced that it is possessed with some evil or dark spirit.” Even when Mr W’s dogs see it, they bark and try to attack it.

Walton has tried ridding himself of the strange marionette.  He once tried to sell it. Upon getting into his car to rid himself of the doll, he became firmly glued to his seat. He was frozen and couldn’t move.


“Gypsies of the 1800s believed strongly in spirit transference and making dolls through which a human soul could make worldly sanctuary after death,” says June speculating about the dark doll’s origins. “Mr Walton lives in fear of his wooden marionette, but several mediums have told him he must never try and get rid of it or he will be beset with bad luck. It’s malevolent grinning face, human hair, and glass eyes with prominent blood veins, are something you won’t forget in a hurry.”

Is Ledda truly haunted by some spirit? Or is this simply a trick of the human mind and an emotional anxiety induced fear? Check out this video below from 1981 and the story behind one of Australia’s largest mystery objects.


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This post was written by Nadia Vella