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While some researchers contend that shadow people are interdimensional beings or even time travelers, other believe they are more closely related to the ghost phenomenon. Whereas many ghosts are reported as misty white or gray, these phantoms, for whatever reason, take on a darker appearance — some say “blacker than black.”

The following three reports suggest there might be something to that ghost connection, and each one linked to a tragic death.

“A few months ago,” reports Youri, “I had an experience that is still on my mind. I was sleeping my friend’s house where his wife died a couple of years ago of cancer. He and his son have seen her a couple of times after her death as a transparent figure and even saying ‘I love you’ to her son. But now comes my experience. I was working a problem out on his iPad when I noticed a movement from the corner of my eye. I became curious and looked. It was a dark, shadowy figure about 50cm long and floating a few centimeters above the ground. It disappeared soon after I looked at it.”

Renee’s fiancé also had a shadow person experience after a cancer death in the house:

“Last night my fiancé Ed saw a dark shadow,” Renee reports “We live in Canfield, Ohio with my son in my ex-husband’s house. He passed away from cancer in this house in December, 2012. We have seen orbs heard noises. One night Ed got up to use bathroom, and on his way back to bed he saw a dark shadow in the family room. Ed said he seemed to startle the shadow; it was standing in the middle of the room, turned and looked at Ed, then hurried off the other way.

Ed said he didn’t sense that the shadow was evil, and he didn’t think it was my ex.”

Deirdre’s experience is strangest of all and has characteristics of a residual ghost — one that plays out its death over and over again…

“On the first occasion of seeing what I now know are called shadow people, I was driving along a dimly lit road, a road I drive every day,” reports Deirdre. “Up ahead I spotted a person walking along in dark clothes, which I immediately thought was insane on such a busy road. But before I got closer to the person, he shot across the road and dived into a car coming toward me.

“My first instinct was that they had been run over, but the car just kept driving on. I put it down to a trick of light until a few weeks later the same thing happened, but this time the shadow person seemed to be looking out for a particular car and did the same thing and shot across the road into the car, but the driver was totally unaware. I have now seen four of these shadow people, who appear to choose whose car they dive into. I live in Ireland in the Kildare area.


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This post was written by Nadia Vella