January 26, 2016 10:42 am

THE Swedish doctor accused of drugging and imprisoning a woman in a Josef Fritzl-style underground bunker has been described by a friend as “super intelligent” and secretive, according to Swedish media reports.

A man who has known the 38-year-old for three years and travelled on holiday with him said he is an intellectual and “socially awkward” character who claimed he was dating a woman from Hassleholm.

The friend said he can’t believe the “sick” story that is alleged to have taken place at the farm in Eastern Goinge, where the doctor had built a concrete bunker he said he planned to lease out to farmers.

“He had just built it when I was there. But the only thing he showed was outside. They wondered what it looked like on the inside, but he just said it does not matter because it is empty inside,” the Kristianstadsbladet newspaper reports the man as saying.

The case dubbed “Sweden’s Fritzl” shocked the world over the weekend when police revealed they had charged a man with kidnapping a woman in her 30s and keeping her prisoner in an underground bunker in the Swedish countryside.

Chief prosecutor Peter Claeson said police believe the man desperately wanted a girlfriend and “his intention has been to keep the woman locked up for several years.”

“We also suspect him of planning this for years. Among other things, he has built the bunker to bring one or more victims,” he said.

The man has admitted anesthetising the woman and taking her from her apartment in Stockholm to the bunker in order to detain her, but denies rape, according to his lawyer Mari Schaub.

The entrance to the bunker.
Traces of Rohypnol found on the strawberries.
Inside the 650sq foot prison in southern Sweden. Picture: Aftonbladet.se
Toilet and plumbing inside prison designed to hold captives for years. Picture: Aftonbladet.se

Pictures of the underground bunker show soundproof rooms and thick double doors that it’s believed to have taken five years to build.

Prosecutors say the man seduced the woman with champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries laced with date rape drug Rohypnol. He is accused of raping her on the spot, then strapping her into a wheelchair and driving her more than 480 kilometres to his dungeon.

According to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, the doctor put on the mask so nobody would recognise him as he drove from Stockholm to his lair in the southerly Skåne region.

Police found remains of the drug-laced strawberries in the 60 square metre prison, disguised as an unremarkable wooden shack. They also recovered syringes, used condoms and a gun.

One of the masks the doctor allegedly used to disguise himself from the victim. Picture: Aftonbladet.se

Police found used condoms and syringes in the bunker. Picture: Aftonbladet.se
The gun the doctor allegedly used to threaten victim. Picture: Aftonbladet.se

Aftonbladet said the man also forced his victim to take the contraceptive pill so he could rape her without protection. He is thought to have taken blood samples he had tested at a local laboratory, claiming they belonged to an unidentified refugee woman.

However prosecutors claim the doctor got spooked by a police hunt for her and handed the victim over to police.

Lawyers say the fortified bunker, which has working plumbing and a hefty food stash, could have kept several people captive for a virtually unlimited period.

Pill packets the doctor allegedly used so he didn’t need condoms. Picture: Aftonbladet.se
Double security doors to keep captives inside. Picture: Aftonbladet.se

The case has grim echoes of Austrian sex fiend Josef Fritzl, who held his own daughter in a secret rape prison under his house for 24 years.

But, they say, this victim’s ordeal was cut short when the doctor realised police were looking for her.

He reportedly lost his nerve after going back to her apartment and realising police had been inside as part of their hunt.

Sketch design of the sex prison. Picture: Aftonbladet.se

Police say the man then took her back to Stockholm and brought her to a police station, where he forced her to tell officers she was safe, and to cancel the search.

But when suspicious officers took her aside, she told them about the ordeal and they arrested the doctor.


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