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When considering matters of the afterlife, do we see our current culture steering toward horror or harmony? While observing the current plethora of saturating paranormal soup du jour, why not take a moment to divulge on levels of death. Gruesome or groovy you decide. Okay you are dead, please proceed to your proper level.

Level 1

You are among your angels and guides for instruction on how to proceed to your graduating existence. This is a given with children or animals who pass too soon. Fairness exists on this level.

Level 2

You are reliving your life in reverse and it is causing paranormal activity in all people, places and things associated with your time on earth. This is why any location ever inhabited has spirits in attendance . This level is very cathartic for the deceased, but can wreak havoc on the living.

Level 3

You know you are dead but you cannot let go of the living. Your controlling nature has you snooping about the afterlife like you are at a swap meet. Frantically shopping for answers or objects as a distraction to what really has happened to you. Fatal retail therapy. This is the level for addicts.No progress is made on this level period. Stuck for sure.

Level 4

You are protecting another living human until it is their time to join you in the afterlife. Guardian spirits are quiet by nature and are somewhat in a graceful holding pattern .This level reveals the power of love and endurance.

Level 5

You are hanging around in the dark levels wearing a really cool skull shirt waiting for Zak or Aaron or Nick to call you out. This can be entertaining for a while but will it lose its luster when you get tired of hearing the song Johanna.

Level 6

You are/were a skeptic in life questioning all faiths and beliefs, and now you are dead that’s it. Are there any other levels? Sure maybe skeptics get to be enlightened at one of these levels should they have a last minute panic about their demise.

Notice I did not mention Heaven or Hell? This is where I am a skeptic. I think it all reduces down to one choice, are you finished or not? As spiritual beings maybe we get to experience all these levels and can extend the energy we choose to go out into the universe. The more spirituality there is the more we can shift into higher levels of humanity for the benefit of all.

I will be expounding on these levels in future blogs.

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