February 25, 2016 9:49 am

An Egyptian woman gave birth to a baby boy with only one eye and no nose – a very rare defect that gives him the appearance of the mythical one-eyed Cyclops.

The tragic baby, who is believed to be suffering from cyclopia, is only expected to live a few days, the Daily Mail reported.

The disorder, which is more common in animals, occurs when the eye sockets do not form correctly in the womb.

Dr. Ahmed Badruddin said the infant was born with other deformities, which are likely to be the result of the mother’s exposure to radiation or medicines she took. He’s currently conducting more tests on the mother to determine whether her future children are likely to be effected in similar fashion.

The mum, who is Egyptian, gave birth at a private hospital in the north-eastern town of El Senbellawein in Egypt. The tragic picture of the child was released by the family, who are receiving counselling.

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