April 4, 2016 1:23 pm

To start let me say, this is my first article for HMB. Thanks to Nadia for accepting my request. So excited to be here!

Three former friends – Harris, Kira and Sid – get together for a drink after the funeral of a mutual friend who died in a car accident. After getting a bit sloshed at the bar, Sid proposes going to the cemetery to say farewell to their friend. Harris and Kira aren’t too keen on this, but they decide to go after all.

At the cemetery, Sid finds a letter on their friend’s tombstone. Thinking it’s a sympathy card, he reads it aloud. What the friends don’t know is that the letter is really a curse that awakens the dead.

Living in the moment and getting drunker, Sid turns on some music and the friends dance on three graves.

After that night weird things start happening at Harris’s house. His wife Allison blames it on Kira, who once had a crush on Harris and stalked him. Allison decides they need to figure it out once and for all, so she and Harris drive to Kira’s house. When they find Kira, they realize it couldn’t be her causing the strange occurrences. Harris gets a call from Sid telling him he’s been experiencing strange events, too.

At Sid’s house Harris, Allison and Kira are introduced to paranormal investigators Vincent Cochet and his assistant Frances. Vincent fills Sid in on the curse and that the graves they danced on were those of people buried in the damned sector of the cemetery: where criminals, murderers or other unsavory folk the townspeople didn’t want to deal with were buried.

After looking at the names on the gravestones, Vincent tells them about the ghosts of the people haunting them: Harris and Allison are being haunted by a former piano teacher who killed her husband and his lover with an ax. Kira was being terrorized by a sadistic rapist. A pyromaniac child who died in a fire he set was after Sid.

Vincent tells the group they have to break the curse – or try to survive for an entire cycle of the full moon when the curse would finish on its own. However as the moon cycle progresses, the ghosts get stronger and stronger, plotting their revenge for being awakened.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = terrible, 10 = excellent): Just one. I found the characters rather flat, but this isn’t necessarily the actors’ faults. Sometimes the director doesn’t give enough direction or instruction on how the actors should react. The few plot twists were somewhat predictable, especially those with Frances, Vincent’s assistant.

While it was good to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for anything but that.