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The Earth is made most of oceans and one could speculate and say that the world is the life of the ocean because more of the Earth is composed of water than land. Even our bodies are mostly composed of water. Just the right mixture of magic and beauty inspires us to keep the Legends from the Water.

The Hidden Messages of Water by Masaru Emoto. This book is a New York Times Bestseller and took the author ten years to complete. It is quite interesting. By exposing water from various places and combining with music the author has formed several different and unique ice crystals. Could this be why no snowflake is ever the same? Is the spirit of water what is really forming the physical shape?
Water is after all a very spiritual element. People are baptized in, give birth from the water of the womb and so much more…water is very sensitive -it looks like!

Giant Catfish

The Giant Catfish is called Namazu in Japanese mythology. It is said to live in the mud beneath Japan and the god Kashima guards him with stones. When he is not guarded appropriately, he causes giant Earthquakes.


The Narwhal is a real creature that resembles a whale with a unicorn horn. The horn is actually the Narwhals tooth protruding from its body.

In ancient times people used to combine Narwhal horn powder with holy water to make sort of a miracle juice. Many people were fooled by the Narwhal horn into thinking it was an actual unicorn horn and spent gigantic sums of money to acquire them. Yet they are still very special in their own right.


Utsuro-bune is a woman from a circular hollow ship in the shape of glass and iron that a washed onto a Japanese shore. The woman that came out of the ship had pale skin and red hair and it was elongated with white extensions. She held close to her a box that contained an unknown object. She held this box very closely signifying it’s importance. She could not speak the Japanese language and so they could not communicate with each other. She was dressed in a style of clothing that had not been seen before. Reports of her appearing in many different parts of Japan were made. What was in the box? Nobody can figure it out…


The Vikings were said to have originated from the grandson of a Trojan prince named Tror who many generations later became the great grandfather of the Norse god, Odin. Odin traveled through Denmark, Norway and Sweden establishing legendary heirs in myth. The Viking mythology and history is statures with tales of travel as the voyage and adventure was a common thing for many Vikings. Vikings were from the stone ages at the end of the ice age.

The ancient Vikings were said to never use maps or chart. On their voyages they relied on natural forces such as the wind, sun, calcite rain and bird migratory patterns to navigate. In Iceland horses were a common means of travel. There were wagons, said to be drawn by horse, oxen or perhaps some large breed of cat.

The Vikings are well known for their magnificent ships. Their ships are stunning displays of geometry, magic and design. The Viking ships were known to be able to land on the seashores- a different ability than that of other ships. The design of the ships was quite gorgeous and made for record breaking journeys.

The Vikings reported several legendary sea creatures, giants and other wonderful mythological creatures. The seas at the time that the Vikings were exploring were relatively undiscovered and it raises no question in my mind that they saw unique, rare, and beautiful creatures.

Vikings who had wealth were often buried in ships so that they may travel in them to the next world. Others were buried with prized possessions. There were sacrificial offerings made when they were buried such as the person’s pets and slaves.

The end of the Viking age came in 1000 AD with the spread of Christianity in Scandinavia. Vikings had become rich by stealing others wealth from churches, temples and religious leaders.


I had a vision one time while soaking in a bath with a Gau box in the shape of an eye with lapis lazuli stone around my neck. The vision was another dimension and it was a world completely made of black waters.

The waters were rippling softly like small beach waves. There were three doors and that was the only solid thing above the water. The doors were made of light but they were huge and they arched massively like church doors. Above each door were celestial objects in the sky that resembled the moon but smaller and more brightly lit. I immediately attributed each door to the past present and future. Is the past present and future only real in our dimension? Of course in the water below me I could see a serpent like the Viking Midgard serpent and I am sure there was more than one. Upon waking in the bathtub my lapis lazuli silver amulet had turned black. It has an inscription of an A symbol in it and also a small wand like object that I used to carve it with. The object is silver and small enough to fit in the eye. It has a long body like a thick needle with a loop at the top.

The legends of the water are many for there are so many creatures there.

The ocean is a beautiful place that is relatively yet undiscovered. For those of us with psychic abilities, we can also count on the other dimensions we could see were we in the right place. Water is sacred, beautiful, yet able to carve mountains and Earth…There is so much magic in the water.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose

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