May 21, 2016 11:52 am

The Island of the Dolls is  located in the outskirts of Mexico City in a small town named Xochimilco.

The island of the dolls is a huge tourist attraction in Mexico, many have gone and done documentaries such as: the cast crew from Ghost Adventures. There have been stories and legends from folklore stating that the island of the dolls is not a vacant Island just yet!

The man who lived on the island of the dolls died a few years back ,but many people say that the island still holds spirits. according to Folklore the man who lived on the island of the dolls many years ago he saw a little girl playing in the canal, she drowned… he was not able to save her. A few days later there was a baby doll washed up on the shore of the canal, he picked it up and took it as a symbol from the little girl, as if it was a sign, a way of communicating to him.

So he hung it up , and from that day forward every doll he came across he hung up, as a apology tribute to the little girl. They say that as he would sleep, the little girl Spirit would come back in the middle of the night to pay him a visit. Then again, I’m just going off of folklore and what I’ve heard and seen in real life… I too believe that the island of the dolls is not vacant.

I’ve spent the night on that Island,it’s not a ┬ásafe place! There are shadows and voices and things that lurk in the dark, fires start on their own!

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