October 17, 2016 8:49 am

You know what’s even scarier than Halloween? Trying to find the perfect costume. Each year, the pressure increases to have the best idea ever, and with creativity overflowing on the Internet, this year is no different. Sure, you could go for something cutesy, but why not shock your friends with the most terrifying costume ever? Whether you want to fulfill your dream of playing your favorite villain or you just want to look downright dead, we’ve got all the scary costumes covered. What’s even better is that you can make them at home for next to nothing. Check out all of our spooky costumes you can DIY, and get the inspiration — or blood — flowing.


Bloodsuckers are in movies and books everywhere, so you can customize this costume to your favorite fictional vamp.

What you need to do: Whether it’s a black blanket, curtain, or sheet, tie it around your neck for a sinister cape. Make your own blood at home by mixing water, corn syrup, and red food dye together. Let it bleed out of the corners of your mouth like you just had lunch.

Sinister Clown

Your childhood nightmares have come to life!

What you need to do: Wear all of the most colorful clothes you have, and use spray hair color all over your hair. Use makeup or face paint to create a gaping mouth and red nose. Just add blood for extra scares.


Bring The Ring to life and be the creepiest girl in scary movie history.

What you need to do: Use a night gown or long white dress as your outfit, and comb all of your hair to the front of your face. It’s as easy as that.


It may be an obvious idea, but how freaked out would you be to turn around and see your friend standing there dressed like this?

What you need to do: Pull that sheet off of your bed and use a Sharpie to draw creepy eyes where your face will go. You can also cut eyes out with scissors.

Tooth Fairy Gone Bad

We wouldn’t want him taking our teeth . . .

What you need to do: Use old fairy or angel wings as your main prop. Add a big white tooth (cut out of paper) to a simple t-shirt. Put fake blood all over your shirt and face to make it look as though you were recently pulling some teeth.


Your head is missing, it doesn’t get much more terrifying than that.

What you need to do: Wear a large shirt that is large enough so that you can hide your head inside of it when wearing it regularly. If you don’t want to buy a fake head, you can always use paper-mache paste and newspaper to create a head of your own. When it dries, draw on a face with paint.


This costume is bone-chilling.

What you need to do: Use white fabric paint to draw bones onto a black shirt and leggings. Paint your face white and ring your eyes with black eye shadow.

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