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Finally!! The truth from real witches about witchcraft, psychics, amazing!!!

POE3M are witches, the Grey Witch and the Faerie Quene. They can cast spells and practice witchcraft on a daily basis. POE3M sell items such as magickal and perfume oils, bath crystals, body scrubs, t-shirts, faerie homes, jewelry, and much more. They also offer psychic, rune, oracle, tarot readings and teach those who are willing to learn about the craft and nature of things.

Know yourself, know your craft

Self knowledge. A rare thing in these times. Why is it so important? not only in our craft, but in our lives, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding on how you work, and what makes you tick. With life as with the practice of the magickal arts, it is only successful with knowledge. To make your magick a thing of true power you need to have a firm grasp on what you are working with, in this case, your inner most true self, for it is your very essence that casts the spells and weaves the magick. Your words. Your thoughts.

You must seek to understand why you choose certain words, as spell crafting, the art of spelling is exactly that; use of words and harnessing their power. Words cast spells. That’s why it’s called spelling. Words are energy-your energy. Choose them wisely. To do so, you must know yourself, warts and all ( pun intended!). For only in true knowledge and sense of self can you craft your spells in confidence, knowing that their aim is true. So ground yourself, and explore the deepest recesses of your psyche, and fear not any darkness, as it is part of you too. Be accepting of yourself, learn to appreciate the complex and wonderful being that you are, knowing with joy and pride that you are the Witch.

“There is nothing more powerful than a witch who knows how to contain her power, standing comfortably within its mystery and allure.”


The Witches Alphabet

The Theban, or witches alphabet is a very good thing to study and memorise. When you do your spell work with these ancient letters it intensifies your results.

The thing about witches….

“I once met two ladies who told me that they were once witches. Not possible, said I, for if you were, you still would be.” -the Grey Witch.

Witches….the very word conjures up many images and emotions, thoughts and reactions.

Monotheistic religion has reviled and persecuted us, history has recorded our trials and stories, our very actions and words define us. But what are natural witches, and how did we come to be? After talking with a good friend today of our pasts, and what led us to where we are now, I felt inspired and compelled to write about this. I am a natural witch, as is my friend I was talking with, as is my twin witch, the Faerie Quene. I believe the vast majority of us are. Our lore has been handed down to us from our ancestors, either physically from one to the other, or the whisper of their spirit to ours, resonating in our souls, the knowledge of the ages, with their blood singing in our veins. I know and talk with many witches, and on the whole, most know of us acknowledge some ancestor or relative who either was a witch themselves, or at the very least, a seer of spirits, a psychic or medium.

And while our stories and our paths aren’t the same -as how can they be?- they are strikingly similar. The most glaring similarity is that none of us have ever walked an easy path on this mortal coil. No witch I have ever met-myself included-have ever had an easy life.

The struggle to follow in the footsteps of your predecessors is a rocky one, fraught with wrong turns, dead ends, deep, dark, winding lonely roads and steep, perilous slopes, and crossroads.

This baptism of fire, as this is what it feels like to those who experience it, is what makes us who we are. Witches, medicine men and women, wise ones, and priests and priestesses. All the pain, the blood, sweat and tears, the vilification of our very differentness, the sometime loneliness of one being so different to others around them, especially confusing for children, is what in the end makes us, gives us our knowledge and wisdom. This fire is the very thing that forged us. Our mettle tested time and again, we can withstand any storm, as we are made from them, the fire and the tempest. It is in our blood, our very DNA. The blood of our predecessors, as they too endured the same trials by fire.

Having the blood of my remarkable, powerful and wise grandmother in my veins, as well hers before her, is my truest comfort, as I recognise my struggle in hers. She stands quietly at my shoulder in my times of greatest need and greatest triumph, my constant guardian and eternal witness. Never are we natural witches ever truly alone. We have the wisdom of the ages and our forebears speaking quietly to us at our lowest ebb and our highest pinnacle, lest we sink too low or rise too proud.

Another hallmark of the natural witch is that we do not age as others around us do. We age slowly, and rarely do we look our years. We can remain youthful well into our middle age and beyond. Maybe this is the pay off for the lifetime of tribulations? Very possible, as with magick everything must have a reverse side, a flip side. Dark and light. Balance.

Now I can see many a light bulb turning on here, and hear the cries of “yes, this resonates with me!”, and I understand well the feeling and relief when we realise we are not alone in this, these feelings of being different and the somewhat lonely times when we feel that no one understands us. But those whose blood flows in our veins understand us. By the Goddess, how they understand! As do the many of us out there, whether we be in shadow or in light, and we are all connected, sisters and brothers all. You are not alone, for we are your brethren.


By the Grey Witch: To hex or not to hex. Aye, that’s the question.

Some of us shrink from it. Harm none, karma will do it for me, what goes around comes around, blah blah blah…..Hexing is by far the most misunderstood aspect of witchcraft, and you know the old saying of fearing what one doesn’t understand….

White witches do not hex, while others among us do not do so out of fear. And then there are some, like moi, who can and do so when the need arises. I do not go about my day hexing all and sundry. To the person who cut me off in traffic, I’ll just give you the finger and a well timed glare that will melt ice. No. It is saved for those foolish enough to display such blatant disrespect, mean- spirtedness and rotten behaviour that the injustice calls for it. And I never do so when my emotions are running riot. Whether you do you work with sigils or dolls, candles or baneful herbs, it matters not how you proceed. What does matter is your state of mind, for if that is turbulent your intent will not have clarity, and your aim will not be true. If you are in a fit of rage or madness it can have disastrous consequences. It has been my experience that the witches with the soundest minds and clearest consciences achieve the best results.

I recently had some misguided fool try to hex me, due to an imagined slight on her part. I had stopped buying into her selfish drama. So she sent an errand boy to me with her hex. Needless to say, it backfired and had the opposite effect. Very difficult to hex an experienced witch; nigh on impossible. And any accomplished witch knows never to send a messenger to do your own dirty work. Firstly, it weakens your intent-any witch with any knowledge and grasp of the craft knows this is a major faux pas. A smart and experienced witch keeps her words and intent under wraps until the time is at hand. Secondly, by sending a scapegoat you are potentially putting that individual at risk, either from the sender or the intended. However misguided the fool is to agree to run the gauntlet, they are undeserving of the backlash.

Lastly, it is just bad form. Absolutely pathetic and smacks of weakness and fear to send a third party into the breach like that. Hekate shudders at the very idea of it. A true daughter or son of the dark Goddess does their own work.


Grey Witch

The Grey Witch is a medium, seer, writer of spells, wordsmith, meaning using the power of words in her work. She is an experienced witch of 25 years. The path of grey was a natural choice for her because as in life, it’s about balance. The key is knowing when to apply the correct magick. She has always studied various ways, from being a Druid initiate for 12 years and learning the old ways and some time studying of the Wiccan rede, that wasn’t for her. Now happily partnered with her sister witch, the Faerie Quene, they have struck a beautiful balance with her gifts for crafting and knowledge of herblore, and my mediumship and Sight and spell crafting. Contact the Grey Witch at:

Faerie Quene

The Faerie Quene specializes in crafts of arts, alchemy, herbs, crystals, divinations, apothecary, the occult, and of course Magick. She channels her energies through different dimensions, the Fae, the Muse, The Council, ArcAngels, dreams and Ascension Supernatural Beings. She is also an author for the Astriel Book Series and Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Composer. Contact Faerie Quene at:

Here is a link to their official site if anyone else has further queries or need assistance with readings, products or learning the craft.

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