December 4, 2016 1:25 pm

Deanna Jaxine Stinson

Tonight’s theme song for this investigation, a song that kept playing on the radio. Bruno Mars 24 Karat Magic:

To see the videos of this investigation, there are 5 videos to watch, see below:

11/5/2016. Time to be there: 12 Noon. Paranormal Investigators Roll Call: Deanna Jaxine Stinson – Co-Owner; Psychic; Metaphysical Cleanser. Paul Dale Roberts – Co-Owner. Xandean Smith – Documentarian. Occupant: Michele Keith.

The story: Michele hears the demon around her home, it sounds like a snake. Sssssssss. Some history: Michele for 9 years was married to the lead singer of Tesla. She went through an abusive relationship and this relationship brought horrors into her life.

After her divorce, she needed to have a roommate. One of her roommates kept pushing the attic door, as if he was trying to let something out of the attic. Later he started slicing his wrists.

When Michele threw this roommate out, her next roommate would wear an upside down cross on her body and walk around with a Satanic bible.

And the final roommate, a woman was overly amorous and would bring in strange men into the home.

Now there are no more roommates. The only thing left is a demon, a demon that enjoys choking Michele and has choked Michele many times over.

Michele has crosses all over her home to keep the demon at bay. One night, the demon told her…”I am Lupita”. When Michele looked up Lupita on the Internet, all she could find was an African American model named Lupita.

Michele had 5 cats, they are Audrey, Coco, Precious, Midnight and Chloe and at times the cats sense something and will seem like they are spooked.

On this day, the evidence that we gathered were 2 unintelligible EVPs, 1 full sentence unintelligible EVP. These EVPs were captured inside the home, when we went outside we captured an EVP that sounds like a female making an animal sound, 3 animal sounds – high pitched. The Maidu Indians inhabited this land and were known to make animal sounds to lure their prey for capture and consumption.

Another EVP we captured, this time in the home was a whistle. I heard the whistle next to my left ear and it was captured on the recorder.

I conducted a Roman Catholic blessing of the home and gave Michele a full submersion baptism, because she may have an attachment on her. Deanna detected an attachment on Michele and detected a dark force in the home. Deanna conducted a metaphysical cleansing of the home.

Michele was very pleased with the results and gave Deanna 3 pair of Ed Hardy boots, 2 pink shirts, hat, belt, underground music (unreleased songs from Tesla) and made me delicious coffee and gave me a very cool hat and some music. Michele gave Xandean 2 hats. Deanna left a metaphysical care package for Michele and chocolate chip cookie pie. Xandean took the rest of the pie.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior


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