March 15, 2017 9:25 am

A MOTHER believes she has been haunted for 10 YEARS by four mystery ‘ghost soldiers’ who photobombed her reel of digital camera selfies.

Melissa Manges, 32, claims a bizarre black and white photo of the paranormal platoon appeared among snaps of herself she took on a 45 minute motorbike trip in 2008.

The pharmacy technician had taken the selfies while riding on the back of a friend’s motorbike for the first time from her home of Cumberland, Maryland, USA, to Pennsylvania.

But she claims when she sat down to admire her photos later the same evening she was stunned to be met with an eerie grey picture of four stern-looking ghouls in regimental dress.

Mum-of-one Ms Manges, who believes the ghosts could be soldiers from a bygone era, is now desperate to discover the identity of the spooks.

he said: “I’d probably taken about five or six selfies of me wearing the helmet on the bike – I didn’t think anything of it.

“Later that evening I looked through the photos and I saw this picture with these figures just there on my camera. I was like, ‘oh my gosh’.

“I definitely didn’t take that picture, I have no idea how it go there. I was on my own at the time, and it freaked me out a lot.

“That was the whole picture, it wasn’t like it was on top of something else or anything. It was just there in the middle of the selfies I’d taken.

“I’ve always thought that they could be soldiers. At the back there’s kind of an evil looking one. That one looked the scariest. I’m not sure he’s good.

“They aren’t dressed in clothes from the same era at all. I don’t understand how they were there on my camera. I’d only been taking the selfies and pictures of the area, which was very rural.

“The sun had been out, it was the perfect day for a motorcycle ride. It was the total opposite to that dark, grey picture. I thought it was really sinister.”

Ms Manges believes the men in the image are wearing military attire – and said one figure in particular has an ‘evil’ presence.

At the time she was quick to upload the strange image to social media, where friends and family were just as overwhelmed by the ghostly figures.

In the 10 years since taking the image Ms Manges, who is mum to four-year-old Madeleine, has developed a growing interest in the spiritual world and a belief in the paranormal.

And a decade later she is still completely confounded by the image – but her initial fears have now transformed into a burning curiosity to find out just who the solemn gentlemen were and how they came to be on her camera.

MsManges, who is engaged to warehouse manager Ernie Ellifripz, 32, said: “Before I took picture I didn’t really believe or not believe in the paranormal.

“I’ve seen it happen to other people but it is totally different when it happens to you.

“After I took the photo I showed it to everybody. Some people thought they looked like coal miners. Everybody was trying to figure out who they were.

“It’s quite meaningful and kind of cool that it came back to me because I’ve been getting into that kind of stuff a lot more now. I’ve been taking more of an interest in spiritual things.

“The men in the picture don’t scare me now but I want to know who they are. I have more time now, and I really want to find out about them.”

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This post was written by Nadia Vella