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Special effects have become the holy grail of Hollywood movies; credit has to be given to the advancements made in technology such as CGI and green screens. Have you ever wondered what it looks like in reality when these films are being made? Trust us, seeing this will change the way you watch movies. So, take a look at these bizarre behind-the-scenes photos of Hollywood at its best.


In this scene of Titanic, it seems like there would be have been more work to create this scene, but this was all the greenscreen effects that went into it.

For me, I have the feeling that a great number of scenes in the movie Titanic should have had more green scene than this. From the picture, all that is needed to reenact this scene is to grab a small boat and you are good to go, a huge ocean liner is not really needed.

First, “rose” was not so impressed with the space on the door, and yet, this comes up.

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

This picture may or may not ruin your Harry Potter magical experience, but sadly, books to not magically float into the air without a few helping hands.

Those magical creatures with the green screen hands must be mythical creatures that live in the library.

Game Of Thrones

To be honest, It would have been cooler is they had used something a little bit scarier and intimidating. CGI was deployed using a green stick but come on, the dragon should have been given more respect, they are huge and terrifying creatures.

Grabbing some fabric and wrapping it around a stick and calling it quit makes it feel like no serious attempts were made by the production team to make her job easier. Check further to view the ways your favorite animated ’90s film was brought to life.

The Matrix

The idea of watching Keanu Reeves playing the role of Neo, a protagonist who was was a cyber-criminal, fighting the forces involved in enslaving humanity inside a complex virtual reality system should make sci-fi fans drool… until, that is, they find out what the set of the film really looks like.

Considering that the production was always going to heavily involve CGI technology, the warehouse where the set was based should be quite bare. Well, they still used green screens, but other than that, most of what Neo kicked, evaded, or broke, was pretty much imaginary.

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