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Written & Directed by Christopher Alan Broadstone

Starring––Tony Simmons, Gabriel Sigal, J.R. Wildridge, John Henry Lewis

Original Music Composed by Stewart Eastham.  Checkout Stewart’s new solo album “The Great Silence“ via Texas POĒtrope @

HUMAN NO MORE (2hrs. 4min.)––The Story:

Nemo (Tony Simmons), a private detective consumed by an irreconcilable murder case, revisits the HAB–a transgressive warehouse-nightclub complex–where he re-evaluates the details of his confrontations with the Mirror Murders Killer (Gabriel Sigal), the man that would take everything from him. With each flashback more bizarre stories unfold, more embittered philosophies, more dark details, and all nuances of truth that lead to an ultimate revelation that drives Detective Nemo back into his caustic underworld one last time. There he must face the blind eye of Heaven, the hunger of Hell, and the relentless ambiguity of his own humanity. Detective Nemo will commit an impossible act upon himself, all in effort to seek vengeance and chase down the diabolical presence that the Mirror Murders Killer has become–Mr. Blight.

+++The Limited Edition Blu-ray also includes the Story-Book Micro-Feature A CATCH IN TIME: Chapter One (17min.).

***HUMAN NO MORE is a refreshing SPARK IN THE DARK for those of us ‘MACABRE On The INSIDE’––A THRILLER for the DISCERNING MISFITS & RESTLESS SPIRITS who see the world clearly through WIDE OPEN EYES.  If you love POE, you’ll love HUMAN NO MORE!


+++”Broadstone has crafted a genre-bending anomaly: an intelligent ‘macabre thriller’ that resists tropes and doesn’t talk down to its audience. Gabriel Sigal (as Mr. Blight) offers a charismatic, enticing depiction of evil, while Tony Simmons’ (as Det. Nemo) embodies the tragedy of jaded despair. With minimal sets, HNM creates a distinctive aesthetic that transports the viewer to a foreboding and mysterious underworld.”––Jonny Numb, Crash Palace Productions


+++“HUMAN NO MORE is a mesh of Shakespeare and Poe in which Christopher Broadstone takes us on an under-the-surface journey into the fiery hell within our own souls. The darkest aspects of film noir are dragged into Hell to deliver tortuous reflection and realization––an ominous invasion into parts of our psyche that should remain unexplored.”––Christopher Zisi, Zisi Emporium For B-Movies


+++“Whoa, HUMAN NO MORE is very intense and the story is something else! “Death” is a character not to be ignored and the film’s finale is not what I was expecting––it brought a dark and disturbing tale to a satisfying conclusion.”––Vitina Molgaard, Horror Novel Reviews


+++“This is not your grandfather’s thriller art film.  I have to say that I have never seen anything like this. And yet, it feels familiar. I am equally intrigued and disturbed.  The imagery and poetry will take you on a dark and chilling journey.  The influence of Edgar Allan Poe is weaved elegantly into the fabric of each scene.  It was like seeing a poem unfold.  Being inside the mind of madness, needing to separate from humanity in order to move forward.  The protagonist wrestles with this very dilemma and each revelation leads him deeper into a darkness that will consume him if he commits to vengeance.  The art direction in concert with the soundtrack has the effect of a hallucinatory circus and was very effective, keeping me on edge.  The.  Whole.  Time.  You have never experienced a final walk into the sunrise like this.”––Ruthi Garrett., HNM Viewer Comment IG:


Christopher Alan Broadstone is the author of the macabre-thriller PUZZLEMAN. His latest novella A CATCH IN TIME (a dark alternative-history thriller) is now available on Amazon and the relative short film, A CATCH IN TIME: CHAPTER ONE is now available on the HUMAN NO MORE Blu-ray. His short story, NOTE-TO-SELF, is included in the anthology JOURNALS OF HORROR: FOUND FICTION (edited by Terry M. West). SUICIDE THE HARD WAY: AND OTHER TALES FROM THE INNERZONE is an in-depth collection of Brodastone’s never-before-released short stories, screenplays, and lyrics/poetry. Currently, he is completing his second macabre-thriller novel, HEATHER’S TREEHOUSE, and has just released his first feature film HUMAN NO MORE, now available on Blu-ray from Amazon and at Texas POĒtrope–Books, Films, Music. Please find Texas POĒtrope @

Serving as writer and director, C.A. Broadstone has produced three award-winning short films to date, SCREAM FOR ME (Best Short Film: NYC Horror Film Festival, Best Underground Short:, MY SKIN! (Best Horror Short: Shriekfest Film Festival [L.A.], Creative Vision Award: International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival [Phoenix, AZ], Best Film/Director: Cinema Edge Awards), and HUMAN NO MORE (Best Horror Short: The Indie Gathering Film Festival [OH]). Also, he has completed two feature length screenplays, COLOR OF FLAME, an erotic ghost story, and, with actor/writer John Franklin (Isaac from ‘Children of the Corn’), RETARD (Best Horror Feature Screenplay: Shriekfest Film Festival [L.A.]). In total, C.A. Broadstone’s films have been showcased on several horror compilation DVDs, have screened at 30 international film festivals, and have won 15 ‘Best Of’ awards. All three films are currently available on the anthology DVD, 3 DEAD GIRLS! at Texas POĒtrope–Books, Films, Music. Please find Texas POĒtrope @

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