September 28, 2022 3:51 pm

Viewers have been left feeling unsettled and terrified following the trailer release of the forthcoming horror movie titled Smile.

The psychological horror film from Paramount is directed by Parker Finn and follows a psychiatrist called Rose (played by Sosie Baco), whose client is tormented by someone – or something – smiling at her which leads to her ending her life by suicide.

Rose is then haunted by the same evil and notices that everywhere she turns, she’s faced with a disturbing smile. The trailer shows that she discovers that no one lives once they’re marked so she searches for answers and fights for her own life.

The first look at this most awaited film has quickly spread across social media platforms and we can definitely understand why. It is filled with jump scares, creepy smiling, and unnerving music.

The twisted psychological thriller ‘Smile’ comes from the mind of Parker Finn, an up-and-coming filmmaker who is making his feature film directorial debut with the upcoming horror movie. Not only did Finn direct Sosie Bacon and the rest of the cast in what could be one of the biggest horror movies of the year, he also wrote the script.

Finn also wrote and directed the 2020 short film, ‘Laura Hasn’t Slept’, on which ‘Smile’ is based. In the 11-minute film, a young woman suffering from a seemingly never-ending nightmare reaches out to her therapist to help rid her of her recurring night terrors.

If you have gone to a movie at any point over the summer, there is a good chance you have experienced the absolutely terrifying and unsettling trailer.

The trailer has since amassed more than 18 million views, and had people taking to the comments section to hail it as the “best horror movie trailer” they have ever seen.

One horrified Twitter user admitted: “I just threw my phone WHAT.”

Another confused viewer shared: “Nothing creepier than ppl smiling for no reason.”

Similarly, one other person shared: “No because the very first time I saw that neck swing I was ready to vacate.”

‘Smile’ is definitely a masterclass in trailers and sets a high bar for the rest of 2022 horror slate.

So, buckle your gears up and hold on to that phones tight. This horror film is set to be released in movie theaters on September 30.

Watch the creepy trailer of Smile below:

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This post was written by Nadia Vella